Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Alas, the BARKEOLOGY project is ready to be put into motion!

Stay tuned for regular developments as we proceed to launch :)

Thank You...Ken

Oxford Online Archaeo Certificate

Excellent online Archaeology program through Oxford University.


As publication draws close and the final creative choices must be made, I have decided on the "Cave Canem" ( Beware of the Dog ) mosaic from Pompeii, Italy as the cover art for Volume#1.

As my relationship continues to grow with individuals and institutions in the worlds of ancient art and archaeology, I look forward to presenting you the reader, young and old alike, with an ever increasing range of popular and heretofore unseen images of dogs in our ancient past...a past that I hope you will explore and make stunning discoveries of your own!

Thank you and have a great day!

- Ken

POUND HOUND HISTORY Shelter Card Program

This is a sample of one of my new POUND HOUND HISTORY shelter cards.  Here is the principle behind the project:

The goal of this project is to increase the depth of connection between shelter dogs and potential adopters by presenting them with several key factors in one simple card that hangs on the kennel / cage doors at animal shelters offering adoption services.  Those key factors are:

1.)  A bold image of an ancient artifact that incorporates dogs.
2.)  A numerical reference to the historical timeframe of the artifact.
3.)  A textual reference to the culture that created the artifact.
4.)  The nature of the craftmanship of the artifact. 
5.)  The social context of the dog in the culture that created it. 

Not only do the shelter cards work on an individual level from cage-to-cage but they also work together, consciously and sub-consciously, to form a cross-cultural and deep-temporal connection between modern humanity, ancient cultures and their respective canine contemporaries.  These connections can only serve to strengthen the bond between the loving dogs in need of a good home and the good dogs in need of a loving home.

Likewise, by exposing children to these cards and their key factors while in direct proximity to shelter dogs awaiting adoption, I believe that those children will grow to become the generation that increases the successful adoption rate by 50%.

POUND HOUND HISTORY cards will initially be available directly to individuals who donate $25 or more to help me jump-start the program on a local and national level.  ( And your $25 donation also includes a signed copy of my book BARKEOLOGY:  Discovering Dogs in Art and Archaeology Vol. #1 )  

The donating individual can either directly receive the shelter cards and then personally take them to their local shelter, or I can present the donor's shelter cards to the shelter of their choice and personally give the shelter an in-depth overview of the cards, the principles behind them and their proper application within the shelter. 
Each selected shelter will receive a full set of 12 cards to place throughout their kennels, thus also creating an unexpected aesthetic and informational draw and flow through their facility.

Here is a mock-up of a single-card placement in a shelter environment:

Thank you for your time and interest, I hope you will help me build a bold new dynamic in the shelter dog adoption process.